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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New Release 11 May 2010

Available today 11 May 2010!

Tudung Iriesya Munawwarah - introduced in 2006 but now makes a comeback...launched during Tudung Styling Session March 2010 - it is a single piece tudung with soft 'awning'( the front part is attached to the tudung) - can be worn on its own or styled with colourful hairbands,shawls and accessories according to your know how munawwarah likes to encourage you to develop your own style....reka2 style sendiri, lagi original......

tapi ingat, simple is better and syariat comes first!

Also available from today - Limited Edition Floral Lycra & Cotton - original Munawwarah cut
RM95 - RM 130

* Reminded - these are not  "new designs" ( all have been released since 2009)
 but we are featuring variety of new fabrics and colours....all at shop No 16. 

We are also continuing the "Buy 3 get 1 free" offer 
for the selendang T Munawwarah & Tudung T Munawwarah 
( not the shorter version) at shop no 14 & 33....

Some 50% offers for jubah & blouses continue in shop NO 33......

Do drop by!

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