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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


1. Online selling? pls? pls? pls

We are old-fashioned traditionalist retailers. The Munawwarah products rely heavily on personal comfort and choice. Sizing and choice of fabric is something which cannot be described on-line. Colours and textures also appear differently in pictures.To ensure maximum satisfaction it is highly recommended that you touchtry the product before you make a decision to spend money. This is even more important for Hajj & Umrah items as personal comfort and practicality is paramount. Our consultations and advise regarding the usage of the product is usually tailored to the person wearing or using the item.

2. Open branches in Johore? Kelantan? Brunei? Singapore? Shah Alam?

Our workmanship is "boutique ready to wear" style requiring precision and detailed quality check. The products are not mass produced. As many of you know stocks in our TTDI shops deplete very fast....what more to supply branches and franchise all over Malaysia. That is what makes Munawwarah different from other retailers and products. 
Over the last 15 years , we have had agents and branches in various places in Malaysia and the feedback is not as encouraging as our TTDI HQ. 
Our test-market in Singapore and Brunei came up with remarks "it is cheaper to go to Malaysia and buy....".

Hence the decision to keep Munawwarah as it is. 

We now have 4 different departments with a diverse product range so that your long journey will be justified..insya Allah.

To make things easier for the not-so-near customers we suggest:-

 1.   Come on  Sundays and most Public Holidays - parking is easier. Come early and send the whole day on this part of town. You can visit One Utama, IKEA & Curve.
2.    Parking Problems? We suggest you park in the big parking lot in front of the Hajj department...sure beats going round & round looking for parking.... :-)
3.    If you are coming with men ( banker) they can spend time at our men's department, have a cuppa at the restaurants around Munawwarah (got western, malaysian, mamak....) or just sit and read in our little waiting corners.....
4.    If you are from out-station , there are a few hotels near by....One world & Eastin, Royale Bintang @ Curve, if you have a lower budget, Masjid Ghufran also has some hotel rooms. Some Singaporeans take the night coach which takes them to One Utama which is 10 minutes away from Munawwarah.
5.    Food? we have Santai (Thai/ Malaysian style), Steak & Chops ( Dave Deli style), Homst (Chinese Muslim), La Manila ( Western bakery), Tutti Frutti, KFC, Ayamas.....oh so many choices...all walking distance from Munawwarah....

3. Make more of each item!!!!!

As explained above we are not mass producers. To achieve a unique look, we usually produce about 30 of each design from each fabric in a variety of sizes - these are the ones you can get in the No 16 shop.
NO 33 carries clothes which are made in larger quantities....they are more basic for daily wear but can be dressed up for functions. Highly exclusive items are usually one off you have to keep an eye out for that......

4. How to get info about Munawwarah events?

The best way to get info is to follow this blog or our Facebook page. Click on the badge on the sidebar and you will be directed to the page.. :-) 
If you are not always on-line, calling our shops on weekdays would be an alternative.

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