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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tudung Promotions..

Salam all...

Just to inform everyone that our Rejab Offer for Original tudung Munawwarah will be until end of Rejab ( which actually falls on 22 July)....but we will be extending until August 2nd 2009.

And to add to the fun - the cotton striped Maisara has join the offers for "Buy 3 get the fourth free" - all at No 14 and No 33 shops.
Colours available : Purple ( in picture below) Blue, Red, Light Grey, Black, Light Yellow - all in Tudung T Small, Tudung T and Selendang T Munawwarah.

Stocks of new Maisara (1403) - (shangtung satin) in the shortest size (for lining) has been released in NO 16 - four colours White, Cream, Silver and Black - RM 65.
Really nice for inner layers for french chiffon selendangs and tudungs as well as for the Munawwarah Net tudungs.

Many new colours and sizes for Maisara released today ( Wednesday 15 July)...but Ameera stocks not in yet....

He!he! Pictures are impromptu shoots.. will replace with actual shoots later....

see you! <3 ina ali :-)

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