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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tudung Promotions Starting July 3rd 2009......

Salam to all..

Hope you are keeping well this month of Rejab. Slowly but surely Syaaban and Ramadhan are creeping up.....and we hope you have started all the spiritual and physical preparations to face these auspicious months.....not to mention our Hari Raya at the end of's not that far away.....

In line with this, we at Munawwarah have some new releases and some specials lined up for you the next few months.The perfect time to make preparations for Terawih, Fasting month (makeover?) and Hari Raya.....

SPECIAL REJAB OFFERS :- starting Friday 3 July 2009 for a limited period only!

* Buy 3 of the same code in one receipt, you get the 4th free...applying for all Munawwarah tudungs in these shops
eg : 4 of code 1132 ( 4x RM85) will be RM255 instead of RM340 - you save RM85!!!!!
4 of code 1194 ( 4 x RM65) will be RM195 instead of RM260 you save RM65!!!!

PRIVILEGE DISCOUNT CARDS (valid for 10 days) @ No 16 Persiaran Zaaba
* For Purchases above RM250 in NO 16 and you will get Privilege Discount Cards for 10% discount* for other purchases
(not including Tudung, Haji & Umrah Clothes and Accessories, Accessories, New Arrivals and Best Buy items).
For items already on discount you get an additional 10% from the discounted price.
These Privilege Discount Cards can be used in NO 16 Persiaran Zaaba and NO 33 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3 shop.

Bila lagi.....come and get these specials while the offer lasts.......see you!

**REFER to tips on purchasing products at Munawwarah.....thank you for making it easier to serve you....

ina ali


Diana Sulaiman said...

kak ina, that card tu boleh guna smpi bile2 or ade limited time je?

Anonymous said...

Ina, i think u shud have more pictures up here in yr blog to make it more inviting and interesting. tapi toksahlah display gambaq tudung new creations you kot sat ni kena ciplak lagi dengan penciplak tarbus tu. what say you? u shud be more open to suggestions you know.

inaali said...

Salam -

Diana - Discount cards are valid for 10days from day of first purchase.

Anonymous - Insya Allah kalau ada gambar kita akan's just that nak update blog ni pun sambil tak sempat nak upload the pictures. Insya Allah will try and find more time. For now - most important is to get the info out. Thanks for your suggestions.


Lovely Mommy... said...

aduh, mesti visit munawarah CEPAT nih!!!