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Monday, 12 January 2009

Unauthorised sales of Munawwarah products on-line or by resellers


We wish to inform all our customers that Sri Munawwarah Design does not have any authorised dealers any where in Malaysia or on-line. The persons who are selling Munawwarah original products in their shops, houses or websites are doing so without prior consent or knowledge from Sri Munawwarah.

We will not be responsible for any purchases made from these persons.Any information as to supply, prices and quality from these persons may not be accurate - hence Sri Munawwarah Design will not hold responsibilty as to prices quoted or descriptions of products on our behalf.

We have also recieved reports of resellers who have increased the price substantially or are selling imitations of Sri Munawwarah products claiming them to be original. To avoid confusion, we hope you will make your way direct to our retail outlets or get your info direct from our blogspot or websites.

Our "no-online purchases" policy is there to make sure that our customers get what they want without the hassle of returning or bearing the cost of uncomfortable goods which is not reflected in pictures on-line. ie - you try, you like, you try, you don't like, you don't have to buy -- it may not suit you but it may suit others.

With that we would like to remind everyone that the following is not allowed:-
1) using Sri Munawwarah Design logo without permission and with the intention of marketing Sri Munawwarah products,
2) using pictures from our website and blogspot without permission and with the intention of marketing Sri Munawwarah products,
3) using pictures illegally taken in our shops or pictures of our products without permission and with the intention of marketing Sri Munawwarah products,
4)imparting inaccurate information regarding Sri Munawwarah products and acting as a spokesperson with regards to our supply and policies with the intention of marketing Sri Munawwarah products

We hope that persons doing the above have been doing this out of ignorance of Munawwarah policies and the implications of such acts which result in confusion among existing and potential customers with no malicious intent and that they immediately stop from doing so.

We thank you for your kind support and are working very hard to fulfill the needs of consumers everywhere. We appreciate your co-operation.

Marketing and Corporate Communications Director
on behalf of the board of directors Munawwarah Design Sdn Bhd.


yati said...


Do u still have Tudung Lina available?

Anonymous said...

yes i don't agree with those who buy anyone's products and re-sell them at higher prices. however, i think it's ok to sell off their own tudungs bought from munawwarah at second value (good condition ones, of course) so long as there are buyers out there. sometimes, people just want to "spring-clean" their closet so they can buy new ones :)
i'm ainul by the way.