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Monday, 15 December 2008

Tudung Ameera...

After a long absence in our stores, the Tudung T & Selendang T Ameera Lycra is back in the shop.

For a vocabulary run through .....

Tudung T - refers to the long tudung (almost up to the tummy) which you can pull on and it has no split.

Tudung T Small - refers to the tudung which reaches your chest.

Tudung T Lining - short tudung meant to be worn inside your see through or soft tudungs.

Selendang T - refers to the tudung which has a split down the front so that you can do all sorta fashions.

Ameera - refers to the tudung which does not have to be folded near the face. The fabric of the front of the tudung is the same as the fabric used for the tudung

Maisara - refers to the tudung which does not have to be folded near the face. The fabric for the front of the tudung differs - Thai silk, Shangtung Silk, Satin etc.

Lina - refers to the tudung which has to be folded near the cheeks.

Prices -

Tudung T Ameera Lycra - RM80

Tudung T Small Ameera Lycra - RM60

Tudung T Lining Ameera Lycra - RM50

Selendang T Ameera Lycra - RM85

Ideal for daily need to dry clean......there are 27 colours available in store......

See you!


lin said...


do u accept credit cards?

sue jasmi said...

K. Ina,

I actually went to the shop sometime this week after I heard about the tudungs n seen some of my friends wore them. I fell in love with the tudung instantly so much so that i thought i can borong the whole sets of colors.. :-) Nevertheless, hubby is happy now that I wear tudung properly (as in 'dilabuhkan').. Tqvm. I'm surely one happy muslimah.

hopeful said...

salaamu alaikum,

I'm in the USA. Do you have an online store/website? I adore Malaysian Islamic clothing but sadly, have no place to buy it here in the US.
please please please, if you don't have an online store at the moment, consider having one in the very near future. THANK YOU.

-Sister in the US

Izzah from Brunei said...

Salaam Kak Ina,

Sri Munawwarah tak buat shipment ke Brunei ke ??? Kita teringin sangat nak beli tudung Munawwarah but tak jual kat sini... =)

Izzah said...

Oh lupa pulak... saya Izzah dari Brunei. ini email saya:

Hope to hear from you soon.... Salaam..

Anonymous said...

Salaam Kak Ina,

Boleh tak next time Kak Ina post up gambar2 tudung2 Munawwarah tu ??? Yg di pakai oleh model ke... etc because it will be very helpful for us Bruneians to see which type of munawwarah tudungs is which.... kadang2 kite tak le dpt pegi KL paksa le kirim kat org yg pegi KL blikan untuk kite... =) thanks very much !!

Anonymous said...

blh letak gambar tiap2 jenis tudung tu tak? thanks :)