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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Malay Mail January 26, 2011

Modest but modern

Sri Munawwarah’s new collection is launched, setting the standard for Muslimah attire this year
Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 17:36:00
THE Sri Munawwarah Design New Year New Look 2011 Fashion Gala event recently was nothing short of awe-inspiring.
While a woman's hair is her crown ing glory, the tudung designs from Sri Munawwarah would make any wearer feel like a regal princess, all draped and swathed in layers of exquisite fabrics, making her overall appearance mod est yet sophisticated and elegant.
De signer Datuk Hajah Tuan Hasnah and her team have managed to produce such magnificent creations with its unique cuts and designs that exude luxury and quality at par with global standards.
The fashion show was separated into two showcases, the first of which was The Tudung Showcase that pa raded 15 different headscarf styles, ranging from turbans to flowy pieces in cotton and chaste lycra pieces em bellished with French Lace.
While some of the styles are on trend, there are cuts and styles that were simply imaginative, simple and yet subtly edgy.
Among the obvious cues of new trendy styles were seen at the edge of the headscarves. While conventional ly, a Muslimah headscarf would have an oval shaped end, clean cut or with wavy borders, the new Sri Munaw warah collections came in brave rect angular shapes, scallops and also lay ered.
We love how some of the long shawls were wrapped in such simple styling, without being overly elabo rate and remaining practical, but still were decidedly glamorous. The blings on the collections were crafted beau tifully with beads, sequins and stones lavishly ornamenting the scarf aw nings and at the borders.
Like any garment, the headscarf has become more than a tool to cover the wearer's modesty, but instead have grown into a fashion statement. This is even more so now, with fierce colours, modern patterns, varieties of fabric, sizes, ornaments and enough glitter that would definitely set the mood right for the wearer to greet the world.
The second half of the showcase, The Sri Munawwarah 2011 Showcase featured 45 ensembles with a vari ety of headscarf styling to match Sri Munawwarah's evergreen clothing designs featuring the Dress, Abaya, Vest, Palazzo, Nourie and Zuleikha - redesigned to set the mood for the year. While the fabric, like lycra and knit, have been Sri Mu nawwarah's signature since 1998, the latest use of chiffon, crepe and sari in their creations gave birth to a very breath taking result.
We love how the designer played with the colours, combin ing plain vibrant hues with bold geo metrical patterns as well as soft roman tic flower patterns together.
Colour clash like orange with purple, or green with purple or red polka dots and rainbow might sound scary if you think about it, but Sri Munawwarah proved that it can work, and the design house did it with flair. The decorations of beads, stones, se quins and embroidery work on the shoulders, wrists and chests gave the traditional Muslimah apparel a more contemporary look.
Datuk Hajah Tuan Hasnah and her team also toyed around with the sleeves, the ends of the abaya and baju kurung, putting on layers and vests. Everything was put together for this show case in only 10 days, a feat by anyone's stan­dard.
The new collec tion was recently launched by Her Royal Highness Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tu anku Nur Za hirah at One World Ho tel KL. The queen also took some time to visit the design house's ba zaar area just out side the ballroom.

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