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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Privileges @ Munawwarah

Spend RM100 on non discounted item to entitle you to a privileges voucher....this voucher entitles you to unlimited usage for discounts up to 60% on selected items.

get vouchers form 15 Dec - 25 Dec and use them until 31 Dec.....

Among items which will be discounted with usage of vouchers:-

Coatsuit Jubah with pants b4 RM RM230 after RM92
Coatsuit with pants  b4 RM210 after RM84
Opel Roses Blouse  b4 RM140 after RM56
Misc skirts & pants(mostly size S) b4 RM80 - RM85 after RM34/32
Kebaya Suit Linen b4 RM260  after RM104

Abaya chiffon Sulam Tangan b4 RM190 after RM95
Jubah Plain Colours b4 RM170 after RM85
Skirt suit sandwash plain (275) b4 RM250 after RM125
Linen Blouse (517) b4 RM120 after RM60
Denim Skirt 548 (mostly plus sizes) RM110 after RM55

Jubah Floral viscose brocade (273) b4 RM250 after RM150
 Misc Baju Kurung Munawwarah Collection RM210/RM220 after RM126/RM132

Jubah Floral Flair puff sleeves (281) b4 RM190.00 after RM114
Skirt Suit Floral puff sleeve (276) b4 RM200.00 after RM120

Jubah Sarung Brocade (279) b4 RM250.00 after RM175
Jubah Seluar Brocade 260.00 b4 RM260.00 after RM182
T shirt plain (355) RM120 after RM84
MIsc Skirts RM80/90 after RM56/63

Maxi Dress Zip cotton suede (155) b4 RM295 after RM206.5

T shirt collar (374) b4 RM140 after RM112
Abaya Kebaya Italian Design RM180 - RM280 after RM144 - RM224
Children's collection - baju melayu, baju kurung, dresses, jeans...
Cotton baju kurung Munawwarah Collection RM200 after RM160

Cotton T shirt Munawwarah b4 RM160 after RM144

Chiffon Abaya & Lycra Camisole b4 RM298 after RM268.20
Jubah Seluar Linen Putih(284) RM320.00 after RM288
Jubah Seluar Denim(285) 320.00 after RM288
Jubah Colours Sandwash Poket Zip (286) RM220.00 after RM198
Jubah Stripe Double Layer(287) RM280.00 after RM252

Jubah Chiffon Double Layer(288) RM298.00 after RM268.20
Jubah Seluar Colours(289) RM250.00 after RM225
Kemeja Linen Short sleeve Collar  men (331) RM350 after RM315
Kemeja plaid men (370/371) RM140 after RM126
Abaya Black cotton Long (569) RM 280 after RM252
Abaya Black Cotton short (568) RM250 after RM200

and many-many drop by while stocks last!

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