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Friday, 5 February 2010

Events @ Munawwarah - Tudung Styling.....

Need to re-motivate yourself in wearing the hijab?

Need new ideas or just want to neaten your existing styles? 

Just starting and don't know how to do it...

Join us for our 

Event @ Munawwarah - Tudung Styling....

Date : Saturday February 13th 2010
Time : 10 am - 1pm 
Fees : RM 40 
(inclusive of door gifts, lunch, vouchers, offers
and privileged purchasing....)

Payment on the day of the function, 
but you will need to call 
03-77270244/03-77267244 / 03-77286244 
by Thursday Feb 11th 2010

We really hope you can confirm your attendance 
so that we can make the required arrangements 
and have no wastage....

Will cover - makeovers, grooming, tips and techniques 
on how to style and use,Square tudung, Long Selendang, 
Tudung Munawwarah, accessories & inner layers.

Bring along your troublesome tudungs, 
be prepared to remove your tudung
( no men or cameras in the hall) and do hands on practising.....

* Sorry - ladies only and we regret to inform that 
we cannot accommodate children below 10 years old.....
this is to ensure comfort and concentration of everyone 
especially the mother........a de-stressing experience for all!

See you!

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