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Thursday, 10 September 2009


Salam all...

Hope the last 10 days of Ramadhan brings barakah and rahmat to your families and you......

For this final week, we will be having SELENDANG T promo 

For our Selendang T Ameera & Maisara 
(Plain and Bling - Bling) 
 in our  NO 14 and NO 33 outlets
 -there will be a RM10 discount for each tudung 
when you buy more then 1.*

Selendang T is the ones with the split down the front.....and can be styled in many ways......They are fluid and stylish for Function and Raya ( what more if got bling2)  and goes very well with your baju kurung and jubahs.....

List of code and prices of Selendang T available....
  • 1132 - Selendang T Ameera Lycra RM85 - about 30 colours
  • 1187 - Selendang T Ameera Bling-Bling Batch 1 RM95 - about 21 colours
  • 1191 - Selendang T Ameera Bling Bling Batch 2 ( Roses and daisies) RM105 - about 28 colours
  • 1196 - Selendang T Maisara RM90 - about 20 colours
  • 1406 - Selendang T Maisara RM100 - 48 colours
  • 1199 - Selendang T Maisara Stripe Cotton (not the new limited edition) RM120 - 12 colours

All in all we have about 120 different shades of colours in the Selendang T design...

And if your excuse is "TAK RETI PAKAI!!!!!:-(" ( Don't know how to wear.....), 
we will be having short sessions  between 11.30 am and 3 pm (Friday - Sunday) 
on how to style the selendang t in the most convenient and easy way....

Belajar..jangan tak belajar....

* Does not apply to Selendang T Limited edition at NO 16!

SEE YOU!!!!!!

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