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Friday, 14 November 2008

Black tudung in shop...

Salam all,

This weekend, beginning today (Friday 14 November) we have stocks of black various designs and sizes. Again this is a limited edition & first come first serve......

Our tudung shop is still closed on Sundays. ONLY HAJJ department is operating.


ina ali


Anonymous said...

Salam.... How can I get Tudung Munawwarah as I am in Penang? I have been wearing the tudung for quite some time and find it very comfy. Is it possible if you can courier my order. I really hope Sri Munawwarah can entertain my request as this is one of the ways for Sri Munawwarah to satisfy its customers who had been there supporting them. Please also reach us, who stay outside KL, but still loyal to Sri Munawwarah. Thank you.

inaali said...

Salam....thank you for your support.

We are very sorry because we are unable to courier or do online sales. One because we have limited and exclusive stocks and secondly, our fabrics and colours change very often.

When fabric changes, sizing and design also change. To maximise customer satisfaction and to minimise changing and very complicated exchange policies, we have to concentrate on our walk-in customers who come in from all over Malaysia and the world.

From our research, sometimes what you see on-line (colour and fabric) is not the same as what you get.

So, we have to maintain old-fashion shopping ie - you see, you try and you like, you buy.....

Again our apologies, but that is our currant policy.

If you want more explanation, please leave us your email address so that we can reply to you personally.

ina ali